Medical Astrology

basket of fruit and vegetables, with bread, cheese and meatThis module is written for different levels of ability so that it offers something to everyone studying it. It starts with a detailed look at how the moon affects us and then explores the 12 tissue salts and 12 natural healers of the Bach flower remedies and relates these to the astrology of the client. After this a more detailed look at medical astrology is given but kept simple so that most practitioners can use it easily within their practice.
The following is a brief overview of what will be covered in this module:

  • Full moon and new moon effects upon the body
  • Waxing and waning moon and detoxification
  • The moons influence on various parts of the body
  • Tissue salts and astrology
  • Bach flower remedies and astrology
  • The 12 zodiac signs and influence upon the body
  • The planets and their effect upon the body
  • The influence of Saturn and Mars
  • The influence of the planets upon proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Medical astrology in more detail

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Mary Sharma

I have been in clinical practice for almost 30 years and have devoted the last few years to passing on the information that I have collated over the many years of working as a practitioner via public talks, training events, webinars and the courses that I have written. I am passionate about empowering students to achieve their full potential and also to imparting the valuable insights into health and disease that I have gained over the years. Finally, in this latest course, I am covering topics that are not considered relevant in mainstream complementary medicine but which I have found invaluable in my clinical practice over the years.

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