Unani Tibb (Unani=Greek; Tibb=medicine) is an amazing bridge between Eastern and Western medical approaches. Our modern medical system has its roots in Unani medicine and its concepts have influenced not only medical herbalism but also our language. We still use the terms ‘temperamental’ and ‘melancholic’ for example. This module will take the student through the basic concepts of Unani medicine and then explore Unani food energetics in detail. The following is a brief overview of what will be covered in this module:

  • The four elements and the four states of matter
  • The four humours
  • The four temperaments
  • Balance and imbalance
  • Concept of Tabiat
  • The faculties
  • Importance of the innate heat and its connection to Western medicine
  • The six tastes
  • The four stages of digestion
  • Classification of foods into hot, cold, dry and moist
  • The four degrees of strength of foods
  • Light and dense foods
  • Unani classification of the macronutrients
  • Diets to balance the humours and temperaments

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Mary Sharma

I have been in clinical practice for almost 30 years and have devoted the last few years to passing on the information that I have collated over the many years of working as a practitioner via public talks, training events, webinars and the courses that I have written. I am passionate about empowering students to achieve their full potential and also to imparting the valuable insights into health and disease that I have gained over the years. Finally, in this latest course, I am covering topics that are not considered relevant in mainstream complementary medicine but which I have found invaluable in my clinical practice over the years.

This course in Eastern Nutrition will be available direct from Mary Sharma. Please email her to register your interest - info@marysharma.com